Sunday, August 2, 2020

SEBI புதிய விதிகள் என்ன Intraday Margin - Collateral / Pledging of Share

Example - ZERODHA BSE Cash Market

Adani Ports - Share Price is 100 rs
VAR + ELM + Adhoc Margin - 40% 40 rs
MIS Margin - 20% 20 rs
Multiplier - 5
BO/CO - 12% 12 rs
Multiplier - 8.33

Example - ZERODHA BSE F&O Market

AdaniPorts - Share price is 100 rs
NRML Margin - 34.92% 35 rs
MIS Margin - 14.5% 15 rs
Multiplier - 6.9
BO / CO - 5.24% 6 rs
Multiplier - 19.09

December - 2020 - atleast 25% of SEBI fixed price
February - 2021 - atleast 50% of SEBI fixed price
May - 2021 - atleast 75 % of SEBI fixed price
August - 2021 - atleast 100 % of SEBI fixed price

Pledging / Collateral F&O

10 clients have 10 lakhs worth of shares each so total 1 crore to pledge
first they have to transfer the shares to Brokers Demat Account
then the broker will transfer the shares to CDSL clearing corporation to get
F&O limit for 1 Crore - assume that the 5 clients are not trading
the broker can give 20 lakhs limit to 5 clients but if any loss happens
all the 10 clients will be affected .. broker is answerable to the 5 clients
Karvy is the best example - Investor Protection Fund - maximum - 25 lakhs

Dividend also goes to broker Demat account and they will transfer it to client

New Rules

your shares will be in your demat account - your broker will send a link
to you to pledge the share - you have to follow the steps to receive OTP
to your registered mobile number and email address - then you have to
enter the OTP in CDSL to get the F&O limits.

Dividends are direectly deposited to your Bank Account.

Dear customer,
As per SEBI’s directive in curricular no. CIR/HO/MIRSD/DOP/CIR/P/2019/139 and CIR/HO/MIRSD/DOP/CIR/P/2020/28, we want to update you about three important trading updates, which we are implementing from 31st July 2020, Friday. This is likely to affect some popular trading strategies that you may be using such as - Buy Today - Sell Tomorrow (BTST).  1) Any equity shares that you have bought on a particular trading day, will not show under your holdings until after T+2 days.
For example: Shares bought on 30th July 2020, Thursday, will not show under your holdings until 4th August 2020, Tuesday. (Saturdays and Sundays are not trading days and hence don’t count). 
2) Funds from all sell transactions from your holdings will be available for use only on the T+2 day. 
For example: In case you sell any shares from your holdings on 31st July 2020, Friday, the funds that you receive from this transaction will be available for use only on and after 4th August 2020, Tuesday. (Saturdays and Sundays are not trading days and hence don’t count). 
3) Taking fresh positions under our Margin Trading Facility (MTF) feature has been discontinued from 31st July 2020, Friday, until further notice. We’re working on rolling out a new MTF process as per the updated SEBI guidelines on pledging of shares

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